Guest Info

To ensure a memorable experience for everyone, we ask that all Members and their guests follow our guidelines for appropriate Club conduct.

Please feel free to contact any member of our staff with questions or concerns you may have concerning your Club. The link to our contact sheet can be found by Clicking Here.

Golf Attire

Proper golf attire is required at all times on the Golf Course and in Practice areas. All shirts must have a collar. T-shirts, Cargo pants or Cargo shorts are NOT allowed in the Club House or on the Golf Course.

For men, only slacks, shorts (not shorter then 4" above the knee), and golf shirts and golf shirts and golf type shirts with collar(mock neck shirts are consider a shirt with a collar as long as they extend up the neck 1" when worn) are permitted. All shirts and tops must be properly tucked into slacks or shorts. Hats and caps should be worn properly (bill of cap front only), when in clubhouse and seated caps and hats should be removed.
For woman, only slacks, skirts, shorts (no shorter than 6" above the knee), golf shirts and golf type shirts (shirts may be sleeveless if it has a collar and if it does not have a collar it must have sleeves) and blouses are permitted. Other attire, including any dress not consistent with good taste, such as tank tops, halters, short shorts, cut-offs, jeans or warm-up outfits, are not permitted on the golf course.
At no time should a member or their guest be dressed inappropriately. We expect the member to police and enforce these standards.


Ridgemoor's Pool Rules have been established to provide our members with a dress code and conduct code that we have come to expect of our membership and their guests. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests, and should be present with their guests.

Members and their guests must wear proper attire when walking from the parking lot. Bathing suits in any area other then the pool are not acceptable.
Cars and motorcycles are to be parked only in designated parking areas and not near the pool.
Food and beverage cannot be brought into the pool area.
Golf shoes and street shoes are confined to the eating area and are not allowed on the pool deck.
Towels provided at the pool should be left at the pool.