Guest Info

All Members and guests are expected to conduct themselves so that it does not detract from the enjoyment of the Club by others.

Guests are subject to the same standards and members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Members must accompany their guests while on Club property. Courtesy is expected in all exchanges between Members, employees and guests.

Dress Code

The changing of clothes or shoes in the parking lot is forbidden; please use the locker facilities to do so. Denim attire is permitted within the clubhouse and pool complex, but not on the tennis courts, golf course or its practice facilities. Members and their guests should be appropriately dressed at all times while on Club property.

Golf Course and Golf Practice Facilities

Proper golf attire is required and expected at all times on the golf course and practice facilities. All shirts must have a collar. T- shirts, cargo pants and cargo shorts are not allowed in the clubhouse or on the golf course.

For Men – Only slacks, shorts (no shorter than 4” above the knee), golf shirts and golf type shirts with a collar (mock neck shirts are considered acceptable) are permitted. All shirts must be tucked into slacks or shorts. Hats and caps should be worn properly with the bill facing forward. Hats should be removed when in the clubhouse except within the 19th Hole.

For Women – Only slacks, skirts, shorts (no shorter than 6” above the knee), golf shirts and golf type shirts (shirts may be sleeveless if it has a collar but must have sleeves if no collar) and blouses are permitted. Other attire such as tank tops, halters, short shorts, cut offs, jeans or warm-up outfits are not permitted.


The clubhouse dress code follows that of the golf course, requiring the aforementioned acceptable golf attire. Denim is permitted but shall be of appropriate nature. Appropriate denim is defined as “denim worn with the appropriate cut, in excellent repair and consistent in color.” Inappropriate denim is defined as “denim worn or cut lower than waist level, tattered, frayed, patched or otherwise in disrepair. This includes work-type denim such as bibs, painter’s pants, cargo pants and cutoffs.”

Swim attire is not allowed in the clubhouse; proper footwear and cover-ups should be worn when entering the clubhouse in swim attire.

Pool Complex

Proper swimming attire is required at the pool complex. Swimwear should be appropriate and in keeping with the family atmosphere. Footwear and cover-ups must be worn outside of the pool complex. Denim is permitted, as outlined within the clubhouse dress code, at the swim complex. Infants are required to wear swim diapers when entering the pool or splash-pad. Diaper changing is only allowed within the pool complex locker rooms on provided changing tables. Towels provided by the club should remain at the club. Outside food and beverage items are not permitted to be brought into the pool complex.

Tennis Complex

Proper tennis attire is required at the tennis complex. Smooth soled tennis shoes are required.

Cellular Phone and Personal Electronics Policy

The use of cellular phones, tablets, computers or other personal electronic devices (PED’s) is permitted in the Ridgemoor clubhouse and grounds. We request that all devices be placed in silent or vibrate mode and their use should be discretionary as to not impose on others enjoyment of the Club. Do not hold up your group or others when on the golf course.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in the clubhouse, pool complex and tennis courts. Smoking is allowed on the golf course, its practice facilities and outdoor designated areas only.

Firearm Policy

Ridgemoor Country Club prohibits all persons who enter Club property from carrying a handgun, firearm or prohibited weapon of any kind regardless of whether the person is licensed to carry or not. This policy applies to all Ridgemoor Country Club employees, contract and temporary employees, guests and Members. The only exceptions to the policy are on-duty police officers, security guards or other persons who have been given consent by the Ridgemoor Country Club Board of Director’s to carry a weapon on property.

General Club Rules

The Club is not responsible for any Member or guest loss of or damage to any personal property.
Pets are not allowed on Club property except for certified guide dogs or working dogs for the grounds department.
Vehicles must be parked within designated parking stalls. Vehicles will not be allowed to stand in driveway unless receiving or discharging passengers. Ridgemoor provides valet service for assistance with your vehicles on a regular basis.

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